How To Change Your Apple Store Country or Region

Apple Store Country


The most common reason for consumers wishing to change Apple Store Country is to be able to obtain material that is first released in the United States before being released elsewhere in the world.

As you may have seen, some Apps, Music, Publications, and Games are targeted for a particular audience and may not be available for download in all nations. Furthermore, countries can have their own just and unfair reasons for restricting content, which leads to consumers employing a VPN service to access banned content.

When You Switch Apple Store Country, What Happens?

Your Payment and Billing details for all Apple serviceability to your Apple ID will be changed when you change Apple Store Country.

This implies that your old payment and billing information will be erased and replaced with the new ones.

You’ll have to establish a new Apple ID for use in another country if you don’t like to lose your existing Payment and Billing information.

This will enable you to be using your old Apple ID with its related Country, Shipping Address, and Payment Information, as well as your new Apple ID with a different Country, Address, and Payment Information.

What to do before you change your country or region:

  • Use any remaining amount on your Apple ID. Check your Apple ID balance if you’re not certain if you have a balance.
  • Cancel your memberships and wait for the subscription time to expire.
  • Wait for any pending store credit refunds to process, as well as any subscriptions, which was before, movie rentals, or Season Passes to finish. A pre-order can be cancelled.
  • Make sure you have a form of payment in your new country or region. Check out the various payment options available to you.
  • Redownload your applications, music, films, Television programs, and books to any devices you would use in the future to play or read them. Because some sorts of content may be unavailable in your new country or region, this is the case.

Change Apple Store Country On iPhone or iPad:

Change the Apple Store Country on your iPhone or iPad by following the procedures outlined below.

  1. Tap on your Apple ID Name in Settings.
  2. Tap iTunes & App Store on the Apple ID screen.
  3. Tap your Apple ID on the following screen.
  4. Tap View Apple ID in the pop-up that displays.
  5. Sign in to iTunes & App Store using your Apple ID password if requested.
  6. On the following screen, select Country/Region.
  7. Change Country or Region will appear on the following screen.
  8. Select your preferred country on the Country/Region screen.
  9. To confirm, press Agree on the Terms & Conditions page > on the pop-up, tap Agree to confirm.
  10. Select your Payment Method on the next screen, then provide your Billing Name, Address, and Phone Number before pressing Next.
  11. You can input your current phone number on the Country/Region screen, however the Shipping Address must be an address from the country you picked.
  12. When you hit Next, you’ll be asked to confirm your Apple ID.

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The Benefits of Creating a Second Apple ID Account:

Instead of updating your existing iTunes and App Store account’s country or region, it’s occasionally easier to create a new Apple ID to use instead. You can switch between two separate accounts at any time without having to change your payment information if you have two separate accounts, such as one for Australia and one for the United States.

All you have to do is log out of iTunes and the App Store on your smartphone, then sign in with the new account. After that, you’ll have immediate access to all of that country’s iTunes and App Store content, including your prior purchases. You can make a new Apple ID account without providing any payment information, allowing you to obtain free media from iTunes or the App Store in any nation.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that it spreads your purchases over two accounts. You’ll need to provide each of them their own email address. If you lose access to being one of the accounts, you lose access to all of the purchases you’ve made with it.

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