How to Retrieve Deleted Apps on iPhone in 2022

Deleted Apps on iPhone

It’s not unusual for someone to delete an app only to find later that they require it. You may have accidentally deleted multiple apps from your iPhone or iPad, only to feel compelled to reinstall them. However, you may not recall the app’s name, making it difficult to locate it on the App Store. Don’t worry; you can easily recover all of your deleted apps on iphone.

This article will show you how to simply reinstall deleted apps on your iPhone or iPad, both free and paid.

How to Restore deleted apps on iPhone:

It’s simple to restore deleted apps on iphone or ipad from the App Store thanks to iCloud and cloud sync. It’ll also help to know that re-downloading a premium programme won’t set you back any money. Previously, you had to remember the app’s name and look for it on the App Store to recover deleted apps. Another option was to restore from a previous iOS backup. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to restore all of your iPhone or iPad’s forgotten or deleted apps. Here’s how to do it.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store.
  • In the top right hand corner, tap on your initial position.
  • Choose between My Purchases and Purchased. If you are using Family Sharing, you should make sure that all of your apps are in All Purchases.
  • Go to the Not on this iPhone section.
  • A list of almost all of the applications that are no longer on your apple device will appear. Recover your apps by tapping the download option next to the app.

All of your apps, even those installed on previous iPhones, will be displayed here. Even paid applications are available again without needing to pay again. In iOS, users can also delete or hide built-in stock apps.

How can I find apps that are hidden on my iPhone?

Check to see if you deleted the apps from your phone in the first place before attempting to restore them. It’s possible that you unintentionally removed them from your Home Screen. They are concealed in the App Library in this situation. Here’s how to restore access to an application on your iPhone’s Home Screen.

Swipe left on the Home Screens until you reach the App Library panel. In the search bar, enter the app’s title. If the search was successful, click and hold the application launcher until a drop-down contextual menu, then select Add to Home Screen from the menu.

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How to Find Deleted iPhone Apps?

The App Store stores all of the apps you’ve ever bought or downloaded for your iPhone or iPad. This allows you to restore lost or removed iPhone apps in at least two ways: you may search for them in your Apple purchase history or in the App store.

  • Apple purchase history: 

The Purchased list might be the most useful approach to recover purchased programmes. To do this, go to the App Store and select the profile symbol. Then hit Purchased and select Not on this iPhone from the drop-down menu. You’ll see a list of all the apps you’ve paid for or downloaded in the past that have been uninstalled or never installed on this iPhone.

  • App Store:

Open the App Store on your apple device and look for the application you’re trying to restore. Simply re-download it after that. It may appear that you must repurchase paid apps that you’ve already purchased. However, if you hit the cost and enter your Username And password, you’ll see the following notice, indicating that the software is available for free download.

The backup for restore deleted apps on iPhone:

If you need to recover deleted apps on iphone and other programmes that haven’t been located in your Apple purchase history, CopyTrans is here to help. To restore applications from an iTunes backup, use CopyTrans Shelbee. You’re probably wondering where I’m supposed to take an iTunes backup. When you sync your iPhone to iTunes or use this programme to update to the new iOS version, iTunes creates a backup of your device.

When you’re ready, use the Full restore tool to restore your iPhone without relying on iTunes, or pick Custom restore to accomplish something iTunes won’t allow you to do: specify exactly what sort of data you want to recover.

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