How to Use Telegram Without Phone Number in 2022

How To Telegram Without Phone Number


You can’t use Telegram without phone number, but you don’t have to use your mobile phone number. You may use your regular phone number or a number from an app like Text Free, Google Voice, Burner, or TextNow. Telegram verifies your identity by using your phone number.

Telegram is a great alternative to texting because it’s free, quick, and secure. But, if you want even more anonymity, you might question if Telegram without phone number. In this post, I’ll show you how to acquire alternate phone numbers from four different places and how to use your new or landline number to create a Telegram account.

Can You Use Telegram without Phone Number?

Every time you wish to register a new account on Telegram, you must input your phone number. A verification code will be issued to this phone number to confirm that you are the legitimate owner. You will not be able to continue without providing the verification code. You may, however, use a simple approach to sign up for many Telegram accounts on your phone. A virtual phone number can be used for this.

If you want to join up for Telegram using a virtual phone number for privacy or other reasons, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Many free VoIP programmes are available here that will offer you with a legitimate US mobile number to obtain incoming SMS texts and calls in order to complete Telegram validation.

How to use telegram with Virtual Phone numbers:

There are a variety of services and applications that provide you with a phone number with which you may make calls and send messages. However, the main downside of possessing these numbers is that if you do not use them, they will be retrieved and given to another individual.


TextNow is a free messaging and calling software where you can quickly get a second phone number for your Telegram account. If you wish to keep this phone number indefinitely, you’ll have to pay a premium. Nobody will be able to take this number away from you as long as you have been actively using it.

  • If you’re using an Android device, download TextNow from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Choose your free virtual phone number after downloading and installation.
  • The programme will ask for your zip code in order to generate five distinct phone numbers from which you can choose.
  • To complete the configuration, simply select a number from this list.
  • Navigate to and open the Telegram app on your phone now.
  • Then choose Settings> Your Profile Details> Add Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, input your free TextNow phone number, which you should have received shortly.
  • Next, press the top right corner of the screen to choose Next.
  • Then, by text message or phone call, validate the secret code that Telegram will issue you.
  • Type your first and last names when your account has been validated.

2. Textfree:

Textfree is a clever service that provides you all the benefits of owning an American phone number. You may effortlessly receive and send text messages as well as make phone calls with this service. In-app calls and incoming calls are absolutely free, while outbound minutes are a little more expensive but offer the best value.

3. Burner:

Burner is another person who is capable of completing this task. It allows you to rent a phone number for a limited time. This programme acts as a link between your current and leased phone numbers. The Burner server receives the calls and texts and forwards them to your genuine phone number. The person who phoned you will not be able to see your true phone number since Burner hides it. Burner provides two types of accounts: a free short-term duplicator number for monitoring Telegram, and a premium subscription number that you can maintain whenever and has been for as long as you like.

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Is there any other possibility of being identified?

Yes, there is another danger. Your mac address, unlike your email and phone number, may not be as safe. To modify your Mac address, use the VNC service.

Does the new owner of the Telegram account have access to this temporary number?

Yes, if you use these obtained phone numbers, the firm will retrieve them and transfer them to a new owner. This owner can now simply gain access to your Telegram account.

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