How to use WhatsApp without a Phone Number

use WhatsApp without a Phone Number

To use WhatsApp, you must have a registered phone number to access the service. But if you want, you can use WhatsApp without a phone number. In this article, we are going to show you how to use the WhatsApp app without a phone number. WhatsApp is one of the biggest and most popular instant messaging apps today. With millions of users around the world, WhatsApp has become the country’s most popular communication app.

Here we see if it is possible for us to use WhatsApp without our phone number or SIM card

If WhatsApp uses it, you already know that you need the phone registration in your app to adjust the best platform for exchanging language. As a result, you must hide all the words, and you must check the contact information. However, using some loopholes to use WhatsApp without the phone number. Yes, it is true! If you do not have a SIM card or signature, you can use whatsapp. Therefore, continue to read to learn how to use whatsapp without a phone number.

The answer is yes. You can use WhatsApp without a phone number. However, there are a few things you should know. To use WhatsApp Messenger on any device, you need to install the app with a secure internet connection and enter your phone number. WhatsApp will then identify your number with a verification code sent to the specified number.

However, if you want to keep your personal number, you don’t have to enter it. How to configure WhatsApp? We have listed 3 ways to help you set up WhatsApp without a phone number. There are three ways to help you use WhatsApp without a phone number. Let’s dig deep!

When you install WhatsApp for the first time, the phone screen is displayed. This screen asks for both the phone number and the country. WhatsApp sends the number to your phone. If you log into your device with the phone number used for confirmation, WhatsApp will automatically answer the call and confirm the call.

If you do not receive an SMS, enter the number in the registration application. It’s an easy task that works well, but can be tricky as there are four easy ways to sign up for WhatsApp without using your phone number. You can use the online SMS service, landline, Google Voice, Skype or pay phone or any other number.

Let us learn how to use WhatsApp without a phone number using some methods.

1. SMS online.

There are hundreds of SMS websites on the Internet today. Finding an online SMS provider and using that number to test WhatsApp is easy. You can use it if you have a Skype Number and Skype Credit. Texport is a great example and offers reliable services that allow you to send up to 3 messages at a time for free and receive unlimited SMS. Add the numbers provided on the WhatsApp monitor and keep an eye on the website. Your WhatsApp verification code will arrive in 1-2 minutes. When done, enter the number and the app should confirm it.

2. Landline.

Wireline if you have wire, give you your number, you will still work, if okay. Depending on the location, the doctor must have a SMS reading application at a landline phone. This process is clearly dependent on the mobile carrier, but it will have more people because it is necessary. Choose the number of “0” Through whatsapp throughout the country. Maybe for the country store on WhatsApp, you have to work. You should get the call. If you enter the competition number in your app, you have registered it. Instead, you can use whatsapp folder on the phone.

This is a good choice if you have a land that cannot be entered into the above work. I sent a confirmation of the app wired to the phone and waited for a moment. Then select the option to get a call. The system is automated to call you and share your requirements. Collect and confirm the app right. WhatsApp accepts the code and then goes.

3. Google Voice or Skype.

Google Sound or Skype. All Google Voice and Skype call you from all the partners to provide virtual numbers that can be used online and will be considered on mobile or bug. If you already have, you can quickly and easy access whatsapp without phone. This process is similar to the above line. Set the national number in WhatsApp and remove “0” popular in Google’s sound or Skype’s number. Open the phone related and waiting for SMS coming. If you collect rights in WhatsApp, it’s confirmed. I have entered the metetsop printed several years from skype number and clearly provided. Because he is the patient because he is the patient because he had one or two minutes, he almost knew immediately.

4. Use a payphone.

Use the wall phone if you still have public plans, you can register Wnesop to use the number. If you use the same number of options that you can use with the phone number, you can access SMS failed. This project does not need to be that SMS proof has not completed and should wait for about 10 minutes to call whatsapp. When you complete, enter a monthly number, accepted call, and use the 6 digits. If you don’t have the phone number, you can use the phone number that can access the same result. These are how to test the warsop without using the cell phone number. Do you know about other staff? If you do that, let me know below.

Later we will learn how to activate WhatsApp with an old number without a SIM.

Do you now have the old WhatsApp number you need?

  • However, if you accidentally insert a SIM card and need to use your account number on a new device, the process can be a bit tricky.
  • do not worry. You can easily transfer your old WhatsApp number to your PC without registering a new account.
  • Here is what. – Open existing WhatsApp on the website

Wondering how to use WhatsApp Web on your cell phone? Yes, you can now use WhatsApp Web to run your old WhatsApp on your new phone. If you have the old WhatsApp app on your phone and want to update it on your new device, follow these steps:

  • To get started, open WhatsApp on your old phone and tap on the three o’clock mark.
  • Find the selection of WhatsApp websites and select it.
  • Now go to on another device.
  • Open your old WhatsApp on the website

If you are using a smartphone, switch to the desktop version of your browser. Scan the QR code in the WhatsApp web selection and the process is complete.

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