How to Fix iPhone Not Sending Pictures Issues 2022

iPhone Not Sending Pictures


Is your iPhone not Sending Pictures? Conveying photos should be simple and quick, especially when sending anything essential or personal. There are a variety of reasons why your iPhone not sending pictures, but if you don’t know where to look, finding a solution can seem hard. Here are all of the reasons why your iPhone not sending pictures, as well as how to fix them.

Why isn’t my iPhone not sending Pictures?

You only want to send a picture (or a series of photos) to a contact or a group chat, but it won’t send for some reason. Is it your fault or theirs that you’re having this problem? Will this be settled fast, or will it take a long time? Here are all of the solutions to the query “Why my iPhone not sending pictures?” as well as instructions on how to resolve each one. Here’s what you should do:

1. Send It to Another Person:

When you ask “Why are my photographs not sent?” The first thing you should do is figure out whether the issue is on your end or the recipient’s. It’s most likely a problem on your end if you can’t send images in a group chat, but problems like some other individual not having iMessage turned on (which we’ll address below) or the receiver not having sufficient storage space might also influence the recipient’s capacity to obtain photos. Additionally, if they are in a location with poor service, the photos may simply not be available. So, send the photo (or another one) to a new individual, preferably in a different geographical place, to see if they receive it. If they do, the issue is on the end of the original intended receiver.

2. Make sure iMessage is turned on in both of your devices.

Check that you and the recipient both have iMessage enabled on if you’re sending to another iPhone. Although iMessage is the most convenient way to exchange messages between iPhones, if the recipient’s device is switched off, the text will be lost. If you can’t email this individual a photo, let them know and ask them to turn on iMessage.

3. Examine Your Internet Service

If a connection has been established, your iPhone will need to use it to send an iMessage. However, if your net connection is slow or unreliable, you may have difficulty sending photographs. If you’re linked to the network but the signal is weak (you can tell by how many bars appear next to your mobile signal bars in the internet icon on the top right of your screen), you might like to try turning it off and utilising mobile data instead.

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4. MMS Messaging should be enabled.

If the receiver doesn’t have an apple phone and can’t send an iMessage, your iPhone will try to send the message as an MMS, which is comparable to an iMessage but is sent thru the your cell carrier rather than the internet, so you’ll want to be on a smartphone with cell service. If this is turned off, you may be unable to transmit photos and other material to those who do not have an iMessage account.

5. Reset Network Configuration

Glitches can occur for a variety of causes, and many of them can be resolved simply by restarting the computer. A good general reset of your Network Settings is easy to accomplish and won’t screw anything up, but you’ll have to re-enter Wi-Fi credentials, so make sure you remember or write down all your stored Wi-Fi passwords before you do it. So, if you’re having trouble transmitting photographs for no apparent reason, changing your network settings can be the answer.

6. Keep an eye out for iOS and carrier updates.

Your iPhone or carrier may have an update available that may resolve your “Why is my iPhone not sending pictures?” issue. In any case, it’s a good idea to update both on a regular basis, so here’s how to update iOS and your carrier settings.

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